Once in a while a very special property becomes available.

This one has been owned by the same family since 1902, and 116 years later it's being offered for sale.


The old homestead at Camp Bay and The Bay looking at the Green Monarch Mountains



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Camp Bay in the Spring
Camp Bay in Spring  /  Green Monarchs
Camp Bay Very Gradual Landscape
Camp Bay on the Water
Camp Bay with Hope, Idaho in the background
Camp Bay / Hope in the background
The Northern shoreline of Camp Bay
Entering Camp Bay
On the Water at Camp Bay looking at the Green Monarchs
The Shoreline on Lake Pend Oreille
The Western Shoreline of Camp Bay
Gently Sloping Waterfront
Camp Bay in the Fall Colors
The Old Homestead in the Fall
Camp Bay Acreage
Lots of Building Opportunity
Camp Bay Estate back property lines
Property lines from the back
Early Camp Bay the old Homestead
Early Camp Bay
Early Camp Bay
The Original Homestead
Early Camp Bay old dock looking out to the Bay
The first dock in Camp Bay
The History of Camp Bay on Lake Pend Oreille 

History of Camp Bay Estate

For James Green, the property his grandparents, John and Kate van Schravendyk, homesteaded in 1902 at Camp Bay on Lake Pend Oreille is avery special place. But after 116 years, it is time for someone else to enjoy it. And whomever is fortunate to purchase this property will be treated to one of the most unique and beautiful places in not just North Idaho, but throughout the country.

“It is very unique both from a geographic standpoint and the fact that I’ve been told it’s one of the largest privately owned properties on the lake,” says Green.

Green shares that it was his great uncle, Henry van Schravendyk, who brought the family to the area. He homesteaded what is now known as Pearl Island, and his daughter, Lorraine Haecker, eventually turned the property over to Idaho Fish and Game in 2009 to use as a bird sanctuary.

“You can really see the effects of glaciation,” explains Green. “The topography is unique and is stacked up in layers, almost like a big amphitheater.”

In addition to 14 leased homes on the estate, which are on a year-to-year lease and can be terminated at their completion after the property is sold, there is also the original home of Green’s grandparents.“My grandparents lived there, and my mother was born in that house,” says Green. While it is somewhat sad to see the property sell, Green says it is time for others to enjoy it. In preparation, he has been working diligently to get the property back to its original state. He has brought the meadows back to what they were and has rehabilitated the forest land as well.

Words from Jim's Grandmother's Diary:

Monday, March 30, 1942 - “Today Mrs. Smith told me the government has bought 5,000 acres at Bayview and will put in a naval station there, as well as an air field. Wonder what that will do to this region?”

June 6, 1944 - A big lapse of time! Our 22nd wedding anniversary – and today the big invasion of  Europe started (D-day) – or rather it began last night, and news reached us this morning. On June 4, Rome fell.  All day we have been listening to radio news of advances made. Philip – Margaret’s son – is in England, and I am wondering if he is in it and hoping for his safety.

The crisis of war is fast approaching. Tonight, at 7 P.M. Pacific War Time, President Roosevelt is reading a prayer he composed over the radio.

It is rare to have not only such a detailed history of one’s life but also to have this unique property be in the family for over a century.  But, as Jim Green says, it is time to move on.

Verbage provided by "Sandpoint Living Local" Magazine, see the May 2018, issue for the entire article!